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London graffiti artist ~ Murals on shutters and walls

Strand on the Green junior school playground commission

on Wed, 04/08/2015 - 17:14

Girls on Top crew were asked by this West London primary school ro brighten up their playground, with the the words of the school moto. We each took a word or two and painted all the way round where the children play on their break times. We have had amazing feedback from the teachers parents and students.

Girls on Top Crew present 'Colours' at the Tower Gallery, Newcastle

on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 00:00

Me and the Girls on Top crew exhibited art at the Tower Gallery in Newcastle this weekend, featuring artwork by Chock, Luna, Lyns, Bubs, Neonita, Pixie, Candie, Reznik and She.

The show is on for a month so head down if you are in the area to check it out.

Click the flyer on the right to have a look at some photos from the launch party including the artwork exhibited by all the girls.

All the art can be bought from the Tower Gallery website here: 
Girls on top present Colours exhibition, work for sale.

Up North Fest 2013 with Girls On Top

on Tue, 10/01/2013 - 19:45

Last weekend saw the first Up North Fest in Sunderland, and our crew Girls on Top were invited to come down and do a production so Pixie, Neonita and myself embarked on a 7hour megabus journey to reach the furthest north I have ever been in the UK to join over 50 other artists. We had such a wicked weekend, the quality of art was astounding and everyone we met were super sound. It was amazing that many of the writers who had come to paint were given raw walls to paint on, not just boards (although there were some about), not even walls that had been painted a few times. The joy of painting onto raw untouched brick on the side of a working building is something which a lot of writers aspire to do and we felt very privileged. Mel, the lady who owned the building we were painting called The Chandlery, seemed very pleased with what we created and that also makes it really worthwhile when you know you are leaving a wall that someone is going to see and appreciate every day.

See the full gallery on facebook here.

Red Bull Music Academy Carnival Bar mural 2013

on Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:42

Red Bull commissioned a design I created to paint on the walls for their RBMA Carnival Bar 2013 at Acklam Village under the Westway. The design was a bright and vibrant beach scene with a speaker stack on one wall and an island with palm trees on the other. The wall was the largest I have undertaken on my own, and enlisted the help of fellow writer Robes to cover the area. 

It took a full week and over 10 liters of emulshion alone to create :)

Click on the image to see a gallery of photos of this mural


Notting Hill Carnival Mural 2013

on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 23:00

I was commissioned to paint the hordings surrounding a famous musicians house on Westborne Grove to celebrate the Notting Hill Carnival along the procession route. The design uses an Art Nouveau typeface and peacock feather fill. It was a tricky commission as I was balanced on a ladder over a spiked fence which made getting crisp detail rather difficult. The second day of painting was terrential rain, and I was up a rickety, slippery ladder having to wipe the wet walls with a rag before spraying on each line. Propabably the sketchiest painting conditions I have endured :)

Colabed with fellow West London artist Robes whos work can be seen on his website

Click the image to have a look at a few photos.

I'm now a member of the Girls On Top crew

on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 23:00

I'm very excited to announce that I am now a memeber of the prolific Girls on Top crew. More information and my artists profile can be seen on our website.

Girls On Top crew was formed in 2000 by Chock and Ned from Manchester UK.  There were not many girls painting graffiti at the time and we wanted to encourage other girls to paint aswell as we have so much fun doing it.  Mira, Numi and Akme were the next recruits. In 2007 we held the first all female GOT jam in Stockwell, South London, with Akit, Peach, Claudia Sabe, Luna, Lyns, Ethel, Mad C, Solveig, Mira, Akme, Clear, Chock & Evea. Followed by the first all female graffiti exhibition in the UK at the Frisson Gallery in Canterbury Jan 2008. GOT then traveled to Berlin and Venice to paint at jams in the summer of 2008 along with various walls in other cities.Pixie and Zors joined in 2010 after another all female jam in Manchester featuring Chock, Zors, Pixie, Faunagraphic, Minx and Muka. We held the cosmic jam at Stockwell HOF in March 2011 featuring around 30 female writers that day including Motel7, Muka, Miss C, Elmo, Zors, Stedhead,  Fedup, Akit, Icb, Lewse,Motor and Neo Nita. The most recent jam was held at Heatham House in Twickenham and was themed on sweets.

In august Chock won the Girls Battle of Waterloo hosted by Chrome and Black... gwarn!!! We have big plans for 2013 so watch out world!!

Girls On Top crew jams are intended to unite the girls in graffiti. We like to have fun and meet new people so get in touch and come paint sometime!

We  run graffiti workshops and paint to commission. If this is something that interests you and you would like to learn please get in touch via our contact sheet, likewise if you have any murals or other opportunites to discuss.

Current line up is Chock, Punish, Pixie, Luna, Neo Nita, Claudia Sabe, Lyns and Candie. 

We are currently preparing a show for the Bob Bar in NY which will feature Luna, Punish, Chock, Lyns and Pixie

Watch This Space!

Studio 13 with Urban Canvas

on Sat, 07/20/2013 - 14:34

I was fortunate enough to land a job working with the guys at Urban Canvas who had designed a huge mural for well-known musician of Blur and Gorrillaz fame, Damon Albarn's music studio is West London. The  brief was to get about 70 portraits of musicians onto the studio garden walls which stretched about 50sq meters. The garden area before was overgrown from the weeds coming up from the railway lines behind the studio, and the walls had graffiti on them from kids, so the overall transformation was phenomenal.


The concept by Urban Canvas was to 'grunge' up the existing walls leaving some of the existing graffiti exposed, but pushing it back and adding more tags to build consistency. Stencils were printed and cut out and bonded to the wall to get all the faces up to create the wall-of-fame design set by the client. Graffiti artist and graff shop owner from Nottingham known as Dilks was enlisted to tie the whole bundle in together with his colourful, clean and precise, avantguard style of modern graffiti.
The results were astounding. More photos can be found on the commissions section of my website.
Producer and DJ Two Inch Punch said it was "the best thing I've ever seen". Can't really say more than that, can you? :)
For more information on Urban Canvas, visit their website and see their website of exceptional work.

Candie & She visit TFLs Acton Train Depot tour

on Sat, 07/20/2013 - 11:06

My best friend and The Sirens Collective co-founder 'She' went all trainspotter and went to visit London Transport Museum's Depot tour by Acton Town station. We saw tube trains from days gone by, lots of Moquette, old victorian tube signs and even a futuristic tube carriage that was designed in the 80s that looked like something out of Back to the Future.

There was a whole room of signage of tube stations long-gone, and ones that pre-dated Harry Beck's corporate branding - for those of you who don't know, Mr. Beck was an electrical engineer who was working as a draftsman in London Undergrounds Signal office and drew the iconic tube map we know and love today in his spare time back in 1931. The story of the tube map alone is an interesting one.

We learned that the 'Bakerloo' line was once called the 'Baker Street to Waterloo Railway', however the tabloids shortened its name to fit in to the print headlines and this colloquialism stuck, creating the name we know today. There was a room full of old posters including a classic Man Ray image in his typical photogram style  and other beautiful works of art (pictured here). We were shown the circular scaffold that was used to dig the 250 miles of tube tunnels from the soft clay that lies beneath London's streets. 

It was an interesting day out, particularly if you share our interest in the history of London Underground. You can book a tour through the London Transport Museum website. Click through to see the gallery of images I took from the tour.

Candie & Resnik do Southbank

on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 11:43

 Cool stopframe video made by Philip Procter of a wall London homegirl Resnik and I painted at Southbank last weeked. Unbelieviably mine is still there, a week at Southbank is unheard of.

Ivory from NYC

on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 14:51

Yesterday i went down to meet a friend at local legal wall Trellick Tower on another blazing hot 32° day. When I arrived It turned out that a whole bunch of crew had turned up completely unplanned, including CBM, Sterling, Dora & Robes, Theme (not all pictured) as well as fellow GoT crew member Pixie, with New York legend Ivory in tow. I love days like this, felt like a graff holiday!